In this project, you will become real businesspeople. You will found your own Bioclimatic Housing Design & Building Business and present a project to convince your target market and get your clients buy your houses. Comfort, saving, efficiency and respect for the environment should be the main ingredients of your product. Whenever a new business starts, it is essential to have a good business image. You need to present all the features that best identify you: who you are, what you do and why, what your business offers, why you are the best option. Click on the image and, in groups, start setting your principles as a future successful Bioclimatic building business.
A good and successful business needs good and different ideas. Have a look at the video about "Houses of the Future" and catch some original and innovative ideas for your business project. What conveniences can your house offer? How can you save energy? Which electrical equipment should your homes include?

In the presentation you wrote for your business dossier you introduced your marketing plan. An effective way to advertise any product is producing and recording a TV advert. Watch the example below. In groups, write the script for your tv commercial and organize your ideas. What images are you going to choose? What main ideas is your group going to highlight?==== ====