Green Roofs
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2. Sustainable cities game
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  1. Energy activity
  2. Housing activity
  3. Retail activity
  4. Transport quiz
  5. School quiZ

3. Places in my town

Giving directions
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external image listening_map_a2_v1_1.jpg

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1. My home town
  • places in a town
  • points of the compass
1. ... is a place where...
  • Write definitions

2. Make a poster with the
classroom rules
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external image canva-images-1024x535.jpg

3. Survey for El Parador Inhabitants
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external image SurveyOPenEndsjpg.jpg

1. Amsterdaam


1. The House
- Spaces in the house
- Parts of the house
- (More advanced) Parts of the house
- Rooms and floors
- floors and walls
- Outside the house
- Electricity
- the living room
- The kitchen
- The bathroom
- the bedroom
- The garden
- Listen and click
- Listen and place
- Match the words
- Home movers
- Definitions
- House for sale
- Listen to the parts of the house
- The Simpson's house

2. Buildings
- Types
Places in the house

Places to live
Match drawings and buildings
The world we live in
Buildings and rooms
The bedroom
the bathroom
the hall
place prepositions

Christmas wishes
1. Relative sentences
with which and where

2. Some / any / a lot of
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external image countable-and-uncountable-nouns-some-any-2-3-728.jpg?cb=1300664606

- some / any 1
- some / any 2
- some / any quiz
- choose any/ some
- type any or some
Possessive adjectives

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Homes of the future
external image what-the-home-of-the-future-will-look-like.jpg

Peaks cottage:
The Browns have just arrived in
their holiday home

Tour of London
external image big-bus-tours-london.jpg
Mog's Christmas Calamity
2. Presentation with experts
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  • Structure for presentation
    • orientation
    • building
    • materials
    • energy measures, isolation
  • Walk around
    • rooms
    • furniture
    • elements
  • summary of improvements

  • Body language
  • Preparation
    • vocabulary
    • grammar
    • pronunciation

  • Create a context
  • Look at the audience
  • Make breaks
  • Use the screen as support
  • Avoid long sentences (by heart)

Prepare your presentation

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2 Cool and green roofs
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Sustainable building principles
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Improving my home
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My school
At school and university
At school

external image 210.jpg
external image 210.jpg

Some, any
How much / how many
Quantifiers: a few, a little
much, many, a lot (of)

Song: Friday I'm In love
Video: school in the UK
Listen to Brian and Betty
In a restaurant
Describe Queen Victoria school
Classroom languagel
Complete thereport cards
Describe our school
Read about Justins school

How to have a greener home: Quick guide
external image quick-tips-to-make-your-home-greener.png

CO2 Calculator

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