Why Linguistic Games?In the same way that every sport needs a warm-up, a new academic year needs a training period. Sportspeople need warm-ups to get ready, prepare their body for competition, stretch their muscles and take care of their bones not to suffer sport injuries.Why do we need a warm-up before starting a new project? As you all know, we are starting the course with Project 1 “The Olympic Games”, but it is always good to revise and refresh all the things you learnt last year. Going back to school, studying for your exams again, learning new vocabulary, doing oral presentations or writing long texts can be much easier if we practise and refresh our memory beforehand. But don’t worry! This Warm-up is going to be different because we will try to make it fun.Objectives of the ‘Linguistic Games’ There are 5 different types of group games we will play in the classroom. They will help us revise:- vocabulary from the 6 projects we did last year, - some essential grammar points,- Useful expressions in different communicative situations

The Olympic Games is a unique and very complex project, and its size, importance and complexity can’t be compared to any other sporting events. For this reason, for a city to host successful Olympic Games, many years of careful and precise planning are needed. Lots of relevant organisations, authorities and sportspeople need to work together extremely hard.
One of the most important decisions the International Olympic Committee (IOC) takes is the election of the host city for the Olympic Games. And this is where you appear. Your mission throughout this project will be that your candidate city wins the Olympic bidding process.
But before getting into work and start drafting our presentation, we need to explore the origins of the Games, the main Olympic symbols and athletes, etc.
Ready, Steady, Go! Let the Games begin!

FINAL PRODUCTAfter choosing a world city, your task as a group is: to make a bid, in front of an “Olympic Committee” , to become the next Olympic Host City. You are a candidate Olympic city, so you must persuade and convince your audience so that they choose you and you win. To do so, you have to present your candidature in an original, creative, communicative and attractive way and with all the audio-visual means you like.
ENGLISH CONTRIBUTION TO THE FINAL PRODUCTFrom the English subject, this is what we are going to do:
A) Each member has to look for and choose a famous person / celebrity / sportsman/woman to role-play. This person is expected to be really famous and relevant in the country, a good example of the Olympic spirit and values.
B) Each member must describe one of the following aspects: - Historical and geographical features of the candidate city. Present situation and characteristics. - Sociocultural context. Most relevant people from the worlds of literature, cinema, sport, music, etc. - Character / personality of society. Traditions. - Leisure/tourist attractions & typical food
C) To do it successfully, you are absolutely free to choose the ways you want to present it. Be creative and original, as much as you can; make use of special audio-visual elements, (power point presentation, podcast, video, music, posters, etc.)
Here you can find a clear and good EXAMPLE.
Imagine your group wants Madrid to become the next Olympic Host City. You have chosen: Nadal, King Felipe VI, Ana Botella and Gasol to represent it. As you can read, every spokesperson is talking about a different aspect of the country.Don’t forget that, apart from talking / describing that feature, you should use a lot of other audio-visual elements and tools.