Every sporting competition needs a training period. So, before going to the Olympic Games, it is necessary for us to train, warm-up and brainstorm everything we know about them: (its origins, its main symbols, the values it wants to show the whole world, etc.) . Let's get a general idea of it.
How did everything start? When and where did the first Olympics take place? What was the reason to start celebrating this sporting event? Click on the image and discover it by yourself!
Things change a lot with the passing of time. All of us learn from errors and try to improve everything we do. Let's click on the image to see the evolution of the Games through history, and what they have become nowadays.
I'm sure you have ever heard about "The Olympic Spirit, values and main symbols". Doing sports individually and competing into teams represent and transmit lots of good values: commitment, effort, sacrifice, fair play, etc..

In our after-school activities, at the weekend when we watch a match at home or go to see a game, enjoying a nice session at the gym during weekdays. Sport and its benefits is in our everyday life. Let's check it.